Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Tremors

This evening at 1815hrs local time, i felt short shakes. As if Singapore was shaking. Usually when such things happen, I'd usually link them to MRT stations, you know when trains go by, you'd feel some sorta vibrations. Some what the same but this time, it's not near any MRT station, instrad it was at my girl's place.

I was watching TV with her folks when we felt that. 6 times to be exact. Short, but we still felt it. Many would also think its due to them getting giddy or hunger. I wish it was.

Turns out that there was a Tsunami and earthquake together. Sumatra was affected and so was Samoa.. Lives have been lost and so have homes. Sadly, i hope that they are safe.

This is another sign to tell us humans, we should treasure life, stop war, make peace, love one another, don't be sad, upset, angry or disappointed. Enjoy life the way it is...

Will you all listen?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who'd take a second look?

Introducing the Long kang...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Changed so much

This blogspot, im not sure if it is bugged or what but ever since the fb gt some bug, my blogspot has changed it's behaviour too.

nways, i'm just trying to see if i can put up a picture.

Hope this works...


.Reaching Out.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Took a picture of this gentleman few days back.
somehow i seem attracted to elders.
what did they go through in life.
each face tells a different story.

This gentleman was sitting on the floor.
i'm guessing he was tired.
but what was he doing there?
was he waiting?
or just merely resting...

that will be his story..

(funny the option for posting pictures is not here anymore)
nways ill link you guys up.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back to Nature i come.

Exorcist was his nick name, and Macro photography was his game. He invited me to the 'Secret Garden'. I was curious and so i followed.
Armed with my 5d, 100mm 2.8, my 430EX and the stofen diffuser, along with a torch which he lent me, we walked into the secret garden...
It was about 1930hrs as we set foot into the darkness. The atmosphere was different, the air was cooler yet it held that eerie feeling. Different array of noises bustled in the air as we met up with the rest of the enthusiasts... To my surprise, i was one of the many (About 15 people in all) to go into the secret garden.
The experience was an eye opener. It took more than just snap and shooting techniques to get the shot you want. First you had to hold your camera with one hand(usually the right), then u needed to hold a torch with your left and at the same time, try to get your focus. Sometimes, i needed the help of my new friends to help light up my models.
Indeed they were in the 'lime light'.
The overall time spent there was fun as i made new friends who shared the same passion for photography. I saw new inventions, new monster like machinery and unique applications. It all made wonders.
With great help from some of the people who helped hold the light or show where the models were, i can't thank you enough... My deepest and heartfelt thanks for helping me out.


(dunno why, i cant seem to post pictures...) help??

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates, with the 5D

Life has been a drive lately, work is busy and there is little time for more photos.
Still i manage to squeeze a shoot or two (because i love it so much..)..

Squeezed a short shoot with a dear friend. He is shy so i will not post his name. but the photos were taken by him, i just edited them myself.

took this on my way home.

Life is hectic now, but i will keep posting (forgive me if i do not post regularly).

Best wishes to all faithful readers..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Would you?

Just curious, if i made a pictorial book of my works, would you buy it? hmm...

Perhaps you can drop a comment... let me know